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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Inspiration #734

I have a tendency to be hard on myself. When I've made a bad decision, I agonize over it. While I would give a good friend slack and encourage them to be gentle on themselves, I don't give myself room to make mistakes. So, this post is about forgiving yourself, being gentle on yourself. It's a reminder to myself to forgive myself. People aren't infallible. As much as I think I am. :-)

Recently I heard a homily about forgiveness and how it sets your soul free to forgive. While it may be hard to forgive someone who wronged you, it seems the hardest thing in the world is to forgive yourself, to move past a mistake you may have made. It was a lesson. You learned it. Move on. Let it go. Be kind. Especially to yourself.  This is when your soul blooms and you make the greatest strides in life. 

I hope today you are gentle on yourself. God/the universe/whatever you believe in, just wants you to live a life of peace, of kindness, of love--especially for yourself. 

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