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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy things: saying i love you with glassybaby

It was a sunny day in May (2009) and I was curled up on the couch feeling sorry for myself when the doorbell rang. It had been a TERRIBLE week.  I walked to the door to find a delivery man holding a small vase of flowers. I sat down on the front step and opened the card. It read  "I'm sorry this has been a difficult time. I love you." I held up the petite vase of sweet peas and roses. Small and perfect. It was my first glassybaby.

It was from a girlfriend who knew that I was having the kind of week where you are incapable of doing anything other than hiding under the covers. This lovely gesture was exactly what my tender heart needed. I felt loved. I felt inspired by this act of kindness.

I knew when I received that first glassybaby that I wanted to pass the feeling along. glassybaby is my favorite gift to give. This object can convey what words often can't. It can say "I'm sorry. Forgive me. I was an idiot," "I know I don't tell you this often enough, but I'm lucky to have you as a sister," or "I'm so proud of you. Keep going!" (day one). I have sent a glassybaby to a girlfriend who had the sweetest baby girl (Baby). We recently sent Master of the Universe to a friend of ours who is just one of the coolest people we know who just survived a difficult year. I sent Home to a friend who loves the color blue and animals (10% of the profits from Home benefits the Reteti Elephant Preserve in Northern Kenya.)

Then there is Love, pictured above. For the price of flowers or chocolates on Valentine's Day you could send someone (partner, BFF, parent) this heartfelt red glassybaby etched with a heart. 10% of every Love glassybaby sold in February will be donated to Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington to help one child's wish come true.

I hope every day that you feel loved and inspired.
Learn more about Lee Rhodes, the founder of glassybaby. After seeing the beauty of a lit candle in a glass cup, this three-time cancer survivor found glassblowing artisans to create these objects of beauty and created her own company. Today there are multiple store locations and over 100 extraordinary colors.  Since the inception of the company (2001), glassybaby has donated over $3 million to organizations that directly help cancer survivors, veterans and animals. THAT is inspiring.

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