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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

happy things: ladybugs (AKA God's little cows)

The other day I was sitting on the deck with our dog when I watched a ladybug land on her little white sleeping snout. She twitched for a moment in her sleep but otherwise she was oblivious to this little bug taking a pause in her day.

I tried to stealthily reach for my phone but the ladybug caught on and flew away (So much for the Instagram moment.) I started thinking about ladybugs and why they are so much more charming that say, spiders or centipedes.

Five things I learned as I Googled ladybugs:
  1. Ladybugs aren't bugs at all, but beetles
  2. They can eat 50-100 aphids a day (they're great little pest killers)
  3. They are named Ladybugs after the Virgin Mary
  4. In Russia, they are called "Bozhya korovka" or God's little cow (in reference to their spots)
  5. Many people believe that a ladybug landing on you heralds a time of good fortune or happiness
If you think of a ladybug landing on you as a little bit of good luck, you'll enjoy this article.

(If you need happiness or a little luck in your life right now, increase your chances of a ladybug landing on you by finding some rosebushes. Ladybugs have a thing for them.)
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