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Monday, August 29, 2016

inspiration # 732: temptation

This morning, my mind knew that I was starting a new healthy eating program but still I opened the fridge and reached for the fake coconut creamer, the kind that is all full of fat, sugar and oil. It is my downfall. It is my weakness. I know that if I start the day with this favorite creamer in my coffee, that I'm then set up for failure. The sugar/fat combo hits my system and I just crave more of it throughout the day. The creamer leads to a muffin which leads to mac & cheese which leads to a hit to my self-confidence and my health.  From the success I've had in the past, I know that if I resist this temptation, I can resist almost every other temptation during the day and each time I resist, I feel stronger which helps me to resist other tempting things. 

It's 10:09am and so far, I feel good about the day. I poured the fake creamer and all its delicious fakeness down the drain. I resisted temptation #1 and I feel strong and committed about the rest of the day. 

I hope that whatever your temptation is (a cigarette, texting in the car, an ex, a donut. . .) that with every instance of rejecting that temptation, that you build on that self-confidence knowing that you are becoming the best possible you.

I believe in you!
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