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Friday, September 23, 2016

inspiration #879: you're a rock star. you are.

I waas out walking the dog when I saw it. A glittery purple stone nestled into the rocks.  It hadn't been there the day before. I know because I walk this route every day and a glittery purple rock isn't something you miss. Part of me wanted to pick it up, take it home and put it on my desk but then I realized that no one would else would have this moment, this moment of looking at a glittery purple rock and smiling. I liked the idea of someone decorating this simple grey stone and placing it amidst other rocks for their child to find on their way home from school. Or maybe it was a child who made it and wanted to find the perfect home for it, with others like it but not exactly like it.

When I saw this stone I thought of the fact that sometimes we all feel like that glittery rock. We have moments when we feel good about ourselves. Our pants fit loosely, we're eating healthy, our skin glows, work is going great, our relationships are happy and we just know that we at our best. Maybe it's just a fleeting moment that we are filled with confidence. Maybe it's a day or maybe you are just one of those people who are perpetual rock stars. You have confidence for days. You lucky soul, you.

It's funny, though, when you feel like this, you often don't want to shine too brightly. Others may have said "Who do you think you are? You're not all it." Don't mind them. Maybe they haven't felt like a rock star in awhile. They forgot what it feels like to glow, to know that you are having your best day. If you're having that day where you feel like all is right in your world, congratulations. Be proud. Own it. Whether you've made significant changes in your life to bring about this confidence or you finally just realized how amazing you are, hold onto that feeling. Let it be contagious. Don't be afraid to tell others how amazing they are. Sharing that feeling makes your light bright. It won't dim it. Really.

Yesterday, I laced up my running shoes and headed out into the sunshine with the dog. When I got to the spot with the glittery, purple rock, it wasn't there. It had moved on. It's OK, though. I know it exists and that's enough.
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