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Monday, April 10, 2017

how to be happy #289: your smile lights up a room

There are those people who change a room just by being in it. They walk into a room with a big, genuine smile and all you can think is "I need to get to know her." That's you. You have no idea the power that your smile has to delight/enchant/disarm anyone in your radius. It's easy. The corners of your mouth turn up, your eyes crinkle and sparkle. And here's the thing. It's just a mindset. Regardless of what your Monday looks like, of what meetings you're dreading or what person just rubs you the wrong way, you can change the way you approach your day with deciding to smile.

A true smile makes you look confident and radiant. You know those moments when you just feel "on"? It's a hard feeling to describe. It's as if you have the world in your hand. You know what to do to take care of any situation. You are in control. You can manage whatever is about to be thrown your way. A smile doesn't mean you are weak or pleasing. A smile that comes straight up from your chest says you own this and no one, nothing can knock you off your path.

A smile is also as contagious as a yawn. Have you ever looked at someone who was scowling and smiled at them (again, a genuine smile, not a sarcastic smirk) and it literally stops him and more often than not, he will smile back. It may a weak "OK, I realize I was shooting daggers out of my eyes for no reason. Sorry about that" smile but you changed someone path. It's hard not to smile at someone who is smiling at you. Think about a baby or a dog (yes, you know dogs smile) who has just been handed their favorite toy. It's impossible not to smile at their genuine delight.

And just so you know, that smile looks really good on you!

Happy Monday!
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