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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

To Do: Prosecco Pong


The most ladylike/preppy thing I've ever done was sip Prosecco at a yacht club while wearing a pale pink linen dress and a Peter Beaton Wauwinet wide brim straw hat.  I swear I've never felt more like a Muffy in my life. The truth is, I've had a lot more unladylike days than ladylike days. I'm happiest without makeup, discovering shells on the beach or on the ground rolling around with whatever friendly animal happens to want to play at that moment. 

Then there's Beer Pong. 

The last time I played Beer Pong was the summer after college. I was wearing my college sweatshirt, there were red Solo cups involved and at the end of the night, my ponytail ended up smelling like beer. Not my finest hour. I am competitive, though, so I liked the game but not the style. 

Enter Prosecco Pong, a perfectly preppy way of combining alcohol + play. I like the idea of a party with activities and glasses of Prosecco + pink ping pong balls, make me deliriously happy. (Of course, you can also play alcohol-free Sparkling Cider Pong as well.)

At $19.49 for twelve cups and three pink pong balls, it isn't a bad investment for a night at home on the deck with the girls. Pick up several bottles of Barefoot Prosecco (under $10) and you've got the makings of a fun ladylike party. Bonus points if you win while wearing espadrilles or anything monogrammed. 

In case you need a reminder of how to play, watch this video. 

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