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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

be the reason

I love that moment when you get a text message from someone exactly when you need it the most. This happened to me yesterday. One of my girlfriends sent me a text that reminded me of a hilarious drive we had when we got lost and almost ended up crossing the border by mistake. I was having a stressful moment, trying to make a tough call and that giggle was exactly what I needed to clear the moment and give my brain a break. It seems a laugh was all I really needed to get the clarity that had eluded me.

I am grateful that I have friends who had good ESP. They know just what to send at just the perfect time. I think of moments like this as gifts from the universe.  This text was a good reminder that it doesn't take much to have a positive effect on someone else's day. Making someone else feel happy or light is a great way to make yourself feel happy too.

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