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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

instagram to follow: @kopernikk

You've seen the Instagram account where the girl leads the guy by his hand in the most iconic places on the planet. Here's a different take on that concept of #followmeto.

@kopernikk is so pure it almost hurts. The story: In 2014, Jan Řeháček was feeling out of sorts and decided to travel around the Czech Replublic, along with his dog, Sitka, who he had adopted a month before. The chronicles of Jan and Sitka are breathtaking and full of joy in their simplicity against the backdrop of nature. When I feel like I need a moment of happiness, I check in on Jan and Sitka and I smile at the amount of love in these pictures. 

It kinda makes you want to put on some hiking boots and take your best friend out for a walk in the wild, doesn't it?

Follow Jan and Sitka on Instagram and their website

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