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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

the happygirl essentials: cocofloss

"So, have you been flossing?"

"Yes," said every person to their dentist.

I haven't always been honest with my dentist when he asks me if I floss. I've never liked the texture of the flosses I've tried and it always hurt. Maybe I was doing it too aggressively (because more pressure means shinier, clean teeth, right?!) but every time I flossed, my gums would bleed a little. So, I tried different brands including the floss pick but it was so uncomfortable that it wasn't worth the extra effort. Plus, I brush three times a day (really, I do) with a sonic toothbrush so that should cover it, right? It doesn't actually. Those tight spaces between your teeth are where bacteria and food can hide which can cause serious dental issues down the road. Bonus: cleaner teeth and less bacteria mean better breath too!

Every time I think about cavities! gingivitis! gum disease!  I decide, "I should floss! Today I start!" Then I pick some up, I try flossing,  it hurts and I quickly abandon the the whole thing except for the morning of my next dentist visit. 

Last week, knowing I had a teeth cleaning appointment coming up, I decided to try Cocofloss in Mint (other flavors include Coconut, Strawberry and Cara Cara Orange.) I didn't expect it to be much different than the supermarket brands but on the first try, I was hooked. Not only does the floss scrub the space between your teeth clean (due to 500+ strong filaments) but thanks to a vegan wax coating, the floss glides between your teeth, leaving just a hint of mint. After brushing and flossing with Cocofloss, my teeth felt clean any my gums were happy!* No bleeding! (It's also weirdly rewarding to see the bits come out between your teeth even after you finish brushing.)

Cocofloss has made me a happy flosser. Now, I can look my dentist right in the eyes, smile and say "Yes, I floss. See!"

Cocofloss is available at, Amazon and other retailers. 

*It also make me happy that Cocofloss was the brainchild of dentist, Dr. Chrsytle Cu and her sister,  Cat, an artist.

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