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Thursday, November 15, 2018

{video} The questions kids ask

I look at my 14 month-old daughter, Waverly, and sometimes I am filled with such joy that I cry.  She stares at me curiously while I do this, tears rolling down my cheeks. What I find wonderful (among many other things!) about this lovely, sweet soul, is that she reaches her dimpled little hand out and instead of touching my tears, she touches my smile and smiles back at me with such chubby cheeks and tiny new teeth that she resembles a Disney chipmunk.

Waverly babbles at me all the time and I wonder what she will actually sound like when she discovers she can say words other than Mama! Dada! and Wow! Will she ask me who Emma is? (Wave often stares in the air giggling and I like to think that our dog, Emma, who died just before she was born is still with us.) Will she look up at the sky and ask how far it goes? Will she wonder how her hair grows long on her head but no where else on her body?  I look forward to laying in the grass, looking up at the sky and having these talks with Waverly. Little kids asking big questions is such an extraordinary thing. I think they have the universe in their souls.

Last week, I came across a New York Times opinion documentary "How Does Life Live" from Kelly O'Brien, a Toronto-based independent filmmaker and mother.  In this beautifully shot film, Kelly features her youngest daughter, Willow, and the curious questions that she asks. It's just beautiful. There is something so pure and joyful about a child's voice. Watch and feel your heart get a little bigger and a little happier.

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