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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

the happygirl essentials: On running shoes

Sometimes I don't realize how much I wear something until one day when I take it off and Waverly confiscates it and puts it on. Her current obsession (and mine) are my On Cloudsurfer running shoes.

I have a history with running shoes. When I started to be serious about losing weight and increasing my fitness,  I bought some running shoes based on how cute they were and ended up injuring myself. So, I found a nutritionist, trainer, doctor, physical therapist and podiatrist who could work together to help me reach my fitness goals safely. During our first appointment, the podiatrist recommended two styles, the Mizuno Wave Rider  and Brooks Gylcerin. I bought both pairs and switched off between the two. They were great for my particular foot concerns but I didn't love them. I was still happy to take them off.

I wanted a pair of running shoes that I loved, that would make me want to go farther, go longer, go happier.
My choice: On Cloudsurfer in Ink/Jade

Recently,  I was reading Runner's World and discovered On running shoes, a Zurich-based company born from the minds of a professional three-time world duathlon champion and his like-minded friends. The more I learned about the company, the more I appreciated the high tech background of these shoes. Plus, the reviews were stellar. I took a chance and ordered a pair.  On the day they arrived, I wore them all day running errands, thinking I would need to break them in. At the end of the day, I didn't want to take them off. They were super lightweight and they fit every part of my foot as if an engineer had created them just for me. The support is firm, the push-off bouncy and the landing is soft. The back cuff is perfectly cushioned and hits my ankle in just the right spot. There were no blisters even while I was wearing no-show socks.

For the past few weeks, I have been wearing these shoes almost every day. I still like my preppy black ballet flats but not only do these help me lead an active day with Waverly by my side, but when I do venture out for some miles pushing her jogging stroller, I'm focused on the sunshine and the fact that me and my girl are enjoying an active day together, not how much my feet hurt. I like the message that this sends to her and I love these On running shoes. They're now an essential part of my life (and L's now too!) Now, if only they made them Waverly sized!

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