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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

how to be happy #195

Yesterday, I looked over at Waverly and I thought,"She leaves a trail of smiles everywhere she goes." She's friendly and kind and I love watching her compassion blossom in her little soul. When someone frowns or is crying, she furrows her brow and walks over to them. Even if someone is having a not-so-good day, the sight of a tiny hand lightly touching them, is enough to make it better even for just a moment.

I wish this was a quality that we all had, the ability to leave smiles in our wake. What if we didn't flip each other off in traffic or we let someone talk without thinking of what we want to say ourselves? I'm going to keep Waverly's kind gestures in mind this week as I go about my day, hoping that she and I will leave smiles behind us everywhere we go.

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