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Monday, May 13, 2019

How to be Happy #196

I have anxiety and with this, I have a tendency to obsess over conversations and situations in my life that were traumatic/awful/sad. It means I don't easily let go of negative feelings and so these feelings just stay in my heart for me to tumble over and over again in my brain. I realize that whatever rationale I had for being angry/jealous/sad, did me absolutely no good.

I've been thinking a lot about why I do this. I realize that for whatever reason, I hold onto negative feelings. Holding onto anger just makes me more angry. When I am jealous of someone, that jealousy can ruin my whole day. Most of the things that I am angry, sad or jealous of are things that are out of my control and while, yes, it can be appropriate to mourn a situation or feel terrible about something you may have said, mulling over it, does absolutely nothing to help you or anyone else.

Today, is a good day for a clean slate. Let go of any negative feeling that don't serve you.

Think about this.

How does being angry about a situation help you to live your best life? Yes, you can learn a lesson from it but then it needs to go. Done. Move forward. Every time your head space starts to go back to that negative feeling, sing a song, say no, say the alphabet backwards. Distract yourself and move forward with light in you heart. I'm not suggesting that just because you (finally) let go of the negative emotions that made your heart raw and painful that you will magically become happy. Rather, joy, laughter, happiness can only enter if you give them room. I like to think of these emotions as enormous luminesecent aqua bubbles. They need a lot of room to just float in your soul. Conversely, your negative, self-sabotaging emotions are dark with jagged edges. With these in your heart, nothing light and happy stands a chance. Choose light. Let happiness bounce off of every surface of your body.

Today is as good a day as any to start fresh. I'm with you!

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