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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Essentials: The Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

I have had a lifelong love/hate relationship with my hair dryer. Over the years I have had too many to count. One smelled like burning hair every time I used it. One was almost too hot to hold. Another one took almost forty minutes to dry my chin-length bob. One made a high pitch hum that made our dog howl every timed I dried my hair.

The last hairdryer I had was advertised as quiet yet powerful but it was neither. Because I dried my hair every day, I realized that this was the only other appliance other than the Nespresso machine that I used every day. I love our Nespresso. I wanted to feel the same away about my hairdryer. I searched the reviews online and while Dyson Supersonic hairdryer had excellent reviews, at $400, it was above my budget.

Recently, we stayed at a hotel that had the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 in the bathrooms and I fell in love with this little powerhouse (1875 watts) of a dryer. After several days using it, I knew this was the one.  It's a significant purchase ($249.99) but there's a reason why this hair dryer has won Allure magazine's Best of Beauty Awards for three consecutive years

What makes this dryer so good:

My hair dries fast
The ionic function on this dryer made my hair feel so smooth
It feels good in the hand
It gives my hair massive volume

Yes, it's expensive but I think of this like I do about a good quality coffee maker or a well made sweater. You can spend your money buying multiple hair dryers (or coffee makers or sweaters) over the next few years or you can invest in a product that will last longer and make your life simpler or happier.

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