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Monday, October 28, 2019

you are amazing

When I was home in Massachusetts, I caught up with a number of my friends and I realize something about them. As I sat across the table sipping margaritas or enjoying blueberry pancakes or walking along the beach, I would just look at them and I would become overwhelmed with the fact that their energy is just so beautiful. Just being in their presence made me happy.

I realize now that I am back in Seattle that I should have told them. I should have looked them in the eye and said this "You have this beautiful energy that people just want to be around." I don't think we tell people enough how amazing we think they are. Do you have these people in your life? Is there a barista who makes you smile every time you see her? Is there a colleague who makes your work life better just by being there? When was the last time you told your child or partner or parent or sibling that you feel lucky to be in their orbit?

If someone makes you feel happy or makes your life easier, let them know. Bounce that positive energy right back at them. Imagine the kind of day it would be, if everyone heard from just one person "You know you're a great person to be around."


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