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Monday, November 11, 2019

The Happygirl Essentials: Grove Cleaning Essentials Set

I like tradition and order. I like knowing that when we get into bed on Sunday nights that our sheets will be clean, cool and crisp. I know that there are fresh items from Trader Joe's in our fridge on Saturday morning and that our whole house is vacuumed, swept and cleaned  before we start the work-week on Monday morning.

About two months ago, I was cleaning our bathroom and sprayed a new soap scum foam cleaner on the glass tile walls and marble floor. The side effects of this cleanser started immediately. ,My vision got myopic and when I tried to inhale, it felt like there was no oxygen left in the bathroom. I flung open  the bathroom door and opened our bedroom windows. I stood there, holding onto the window sill and inhaled enormous gulps of cool air. This is when I knew that I couldn't keep using these chemicals in our home.

Before Waverly, I thought  that the stronger a cleaning product smelled, the harder it was working. Ever since she was born, however, I have been trying to shift our household to a more natural state.

I had three non-negotiable requirements for new cleaning products:

1.) They have  to clean as good as the more toxic cleaners
2.) They couldn't leave a film on surfaces
3.) The scents couldn't be overpowering

I purchased some natural cleaners at Target and Whole Foods but they tended to leave  a film on surfaces and I didn't feel like our home was clean. Last week I came across Grove Collaborative products online. One of the concepts I really liked was that some of their products come in small tubes with powerful concentrated ingredients that you add to a spray bottle with water. I liked that I could use one glass  bottle for each cleaning product and just order a tube of concentrate when I was running low.The three pack of concentrated cleansers are $7.95. The set of three coordinating glass and silicone bottles are $34.95.

I bought The Grove Collaborative's Cleaning Essentials Kit in the Orange & Rosemary scent along with the color coordinated glass bottles. The tubes contained an All-Purpose Cleaner, Tube & Tile Cleaner and Glass Cleaner. Over the past few days, I've cleaned our home with these products including our bathroom (tile floors, Carrera marble counters, water closet), kitchen (quartz counters, Carrera marble table, microwave and refrigerator) as well as all of the mirrors and glass in our home.

I had been disappointed by so many different natural clearers in the past few months that my bar was pretty low. However, I can't say enough about these products. There is no film left on surfaces and I love that I am not filling out home with toxic chemicals. The one area I thought might be tough for this new cleaner was the shower but it cleaned the soap scum off the walls, floor and chrome shower head  and fixtures.

And yes, our home smells clean but not in a "Oh, you just cleaned your house!" kind of way but more like "Did you just have an orange? It smells so good in here!" I like that.

*This post is not sponsored. I love these products, They make our home feel happy. I hope it ,makes you happy too. 

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