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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

happy food: apple cider donut cake

Growing up in Massachusetts, apple cider donuts were as much a part of Sundays as Sunday Mass. Early Sunday morning, my grandparents and I would attend the early Mass in French, followed by breakfast at Abdow's, then a visit to Atkins Farms in Amherst for cider donuts. We would savor them warm, covered in cinnamon sugar and if the season was right, there would be fresh, cold apple cider. 

During our first visit to the East Coast when my daughter, Waverly, was six months old,  I took her to Atkins and she tried her first apple cider donut. We discovered that she inherited my same love for cider donuts. It's a tradition now. Each fall we visit local farm stands during apple season and we are lucky if we manage to bring home any cider donuts and not eat them all in the car on the way home!

With apple season now over, I decided that I wanted the tradition to stretch out a little longer.  I came across several recipes for baked (not fried) cider donuts and apple cider donut cakes and made them our own. Our first attempt was perfection. It's a very dense cake but it is so satisfying. I wouldn't change a thing. I hope you enjoy this taste of fall too. 

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