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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

My Updated Studio Space


Working from home with a toddler has been a challenge. My desk is usually piled high with toys and books, in addition to papers, files, items for review, recipe ideas etc. I have always had a hard time focusing when my environment is cluttered, so last month, I hired someone to help organize my space which included installing shelves for some of my glassybaby connection.

In addition to the new shelves and room arrangement, I was merciless with what I decided to keep on my desk. I disposed of a lot of the clutter that distracted me and kept only things that made me happy like the mermaid that I picked up in Harwichport or the bowl of oranges that I share with my Waverly instead of packaged granola bars which were packed with sugar and only made me hungrier after I ate one (or two or three). 

One of my favorite things about my new space is the glassybaby wall.  I collect glassybaby votives which were displayed throughout our home but it didn't make an impact to me.  Now with these shelves from Amazon, my collection looks organized and clean. 

This new set-up makes me feel light and focused, even if just offscreen is Waverly's toddler space, complete with her own desk, a doll named Phoebe and Magna-Tiles.  I wouldn't have my studio space any other way. 

If you aren't familiar with glassybaby, get to know this extraordinary company here

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