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Monday, May 17, 2021

my favorite new cleaning product: Saint Olio


I used to the be the girl who thought if the wet spaces (kitchen/bathrooms) smelled like bleach, then they were clean. During the pandemic, especially, I really upped my cleaning game.While it smelled clean and I knew that bleach would kill whatever germs were living in our home, I started to think about the fumes we inhaled and the toxins and chemicals that we were inviting into our home. 

I started researching household cleaners and just when I decided to make my own, I came across Saint Olio, a brand that makes cleaning products the are not only anti-microbial but they smell good too. I did a deep dive into the brand and I loved the philosophy of SD Kaven, the company's founder. I like that the cleaning products in her line are  synthetic-free while scented with essential oils. 

I bought the three main scents as well as the limited edition. Originally, my plan was to use the first one and then move on to the second scent when I finished the first one, but I've found that I like using the different scents according to my moods. I love how clean my kitchen is and how our home just smells  wonderful.  

The Originals Trio Pack (the one I purchased) is $75 with free shipping. 

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