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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

And so the summer begins

I love this first weekend of summer. It's just so full of promise. I think of summer mornings in a beach town, with its cool mornings, ponytail, sweatshirt, cardboard cup of coffee in hand. I love the way people in a beach town always say hi or nod or smile as they pass by each other. Is it something in the water or in the air that generally makes people happy or friendlier or more content?

I love that desire to eat clean, simple foods like vegetables fresh from the garden. Oh, that perfect ear of Butter-Sugar corn from the farm-stand, strawberry pancake dinners at the firehouse, languid days sipping sun-brewed tea by the pool. 

This year feels almost normal again. I hope that you feel that sense of excitement for this summer too.

Here's to summer!

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