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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

charming things: chocolate shakes and lollipops

Not that long ago I called my friend Todd in L.A. to say hi. I hadn't seen most of my L.A. friends in over a year since things went sideways. So, on the way to class one afternoon I called him and apologized for being such a sucky friend. I explained that I had been consumed by one awful year and I told him about this experiment--that I was searching for ways to get my happy back and I wondered if it was going to be through therapy or drugs or eastern medicine or what?

And Todd said "You know sometimes I think it's just about a chocolate shake."

I laughed. "You're absolutely right," I said.  Sometimes it is just about a chocolate shake. It isn't just the big, grand events or gestures or therapies that make a difference. Sometimes it's just enjoying the little happy moments.

I thought of this yesterday when I went to the bank. I was in the drive-through lane on the way to school and I dropped my transaction in the little bullet tube. The cashier was stoic, very matter of fact. I said "How is YOUR day?" She responded "Fine." Allrighty. I sat and watched the spider build a web on the pillar. When she sent my transaction back she said "Goodbye." I thought. OK, she's one very matter of fact banker.

As I was pulling away I looked inside the envelope and there it was. A red lollipop. It made my day.

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