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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

charming things: kinda smells like marijuana, i know

This morning I had a moxa session at my acupuncturist's. Moxa is a combination of acupuncture needles and burning Mugwort (Yes, I realize how Harry Potter-ish this sounds.)

There are several ways to perform Moxa. One is to burn a stick of Mugwort close to the top of an inserted acupuncture needle. Another is to burn Mugwort that is formed into what looks like a thick dark crayon. You burn the pointed end like a cigar and then hold it over certain acupressure points on the body.  The second version is the one my acupuncturist, Casey, did today. It felt good. I closed my eyes and could feel the heat close to my skin, almost touching but not burning. It was like when you swing your finger quickly through a flame.

The room started to smell a little like church incense which is what I said to Casey. She said that some clients tell her it smells like marijuana. "Yeah, kinda," I thought. "It does."

I felt particularly groovy when I left the office and headed to get some orange blossom iced tea. The guy who made it for me handed me the cup, smiled and said "You're having a goooood day." I thought, "Yeah, I am. I guess the acupuncture has put a skip in my step."

When I got in my car I realized what he was talking about. It was a cold, damp morning and I was wearing a heavy Irish wool sweater and in the confines of my car I smelled like I had been smoking some major marijuana. I rolled down the windows on the rainy drive home. I don't think the airing out worked very well though. When I walked in the house, the air purifier immediately kicked on or as we like to refer to the air purifier when the red light comes on "It is angry."

So Moxa = good, very good. I would definitely do it again. If you try it, be prepared to say "I swear to God, it was acupuncture. Really."

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