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Monday, June 21, 2010

entertainme movies: that dumbass in the theatre was me

Last week I went to see "Get Him to the Greek" with my friend Lisa.

Loved the movie. Loved Russell. Loved Jonah. Loved it. There were so many funny lines that I tried desperately to remember but failed because apparently when I am laughing that hard I can't store things in my memory at the same time.

"Get Him to the Greek" is a great barometer movie. Try it. Go see this movie on a first date. It will be interesting to see if your date has the same sense of humor as you do. I've found that if your sense of humor is different from your date, the relationship is doomed. You say " I LOVED 'The Hangover'" and she says "Ugh, I don't get it." Game over.

So I saw "GHTTG" with my friend, Lisa, (not a date.)  However, she does share my wicked, dry sense of humor.

We settled in and waited for the trailers, my favorite part of the movie experience. The theatre was pretty packed and I reminded Lisa how much I loved movies. I am ALL about movies.

Lisa said "So, why didn't you come with me when I saw the 'Wizard of Oz' on the big screen."

I turned to look at her "Are you kidding? You know that movie terrifies me!"

Lisa: "Oh, right, because of the monkeys?"

HG: "Yes! Those monkeys are scary godawful things." I paused. "Are they real, do you think?"

Lisa paused too. "I don't think so. I mean, I think there are people in the costumes because they made faces." She squished her face up to show me that the monkeys made faces.

HG: "I think they were really monkeys."

Lisa: "I don't think they were real. They had wings. Monkeys don't have wings."

HG: "I know they're not REAAAAALLLL. I  mean, I know that they weren't real monkeys with real wings. Right? I mean they were probably monkeys with winged costumes that someone made for their little bodies."

And this is when I noticed the two guys sitting in front of us were listening to us and laughing.

Yes, I was the dumbass who thought that the monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz" were real primates and apparently the Star-Wars-loving-popcorn-eating-video-game-playing guys sitting in front of us thought that this was the funniest conversation either had ever heard.

And then we started to laugh, Lisa and I, and it felt good. Even though I sounded like I wasn't the sharpest tool in the box, I laughed because sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. I wish you could bottle that light, lovely sensation of a shared laugh over something silly. It was like a little high.

And then the trailers started.

Lisa: "Oh, yeah, we should go see that one. And that one. Oh look at Leo, he is hot. Have you done him?"

HG: "Yes and he is hot. The last time I did him was for "Blood Diamond" and he was really tan. It made his eyes look really blue and he's tall. This trailer is wild. It's like a fever dream."

Lisa: "Mmmm. Want some Red Vines?"

HG: "Nope. I'm an east coast girl. All about the Twizzlers."

And then the movie that made me laugh until my stomach hurt started. Go see "Get Him to the Greek." It's dirty and funny and if you feel like you need a laugh, this is it.

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