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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

inisghts: sweating, sex and singing as a mood changer

Yesterday I went to see my stylist for some much needed color help.

She asked me how I was doing and I told her "Good. Better" and I told her about this blog.

I asked Christina* and her assistant Marissa* what puts them in a good mood when they are feeling down or something bad has happened.

Christina: "Well, I'm usually a really happy person. I don't get upset too often. (Editor's note: in fact
her dad had died
the day before.) Pot, of course. That really relaxes me. When I do get upset I work out. I do step aerobics three times a week. I listen to happy music. I like that song 'I Gotta Feeling.' That has to put you in a good mood."

Marissa: "I love my cats. They make me happy. I listen to music. I like the song 'It's a Beautiful Morning.'"

Another stylist Mike* was nearby and joined the conversation. Mike looked ridiculously happy.

HG: "OK, Mike. You look like you could levitate. You seem so happy. It's amazing."

Mike: "I just broke up with my boyfriend." He was literally beaming.

HG: "So, you must have been upset when you guys broke up. How did you make yourself feel better?"

Mike: (laughs) "Um, breaking up with my boyfriend made me happy."

Mike: (paused) "And new sex." He laughed.

Mike: "And cooking. Cooking is therapy to me. Sex and cooking."

It was interesting hearing what brings people out a funk. Sex, food, pets, working out. What did all of these things have in common with changing your mood for the better?

I got it. It was about doing SOMETHING, anything. It was about getting off the couch or out of bed, whether it was to take a step class or meet someone new. By laying on the couch or isolating yourself in bed with your wounds, this doesn't change your mood. I think, in fact, it only makes it worse and can make you feel more alone.

Life lesson #38: when you're feeling like things can't get worse or your heart is broken or you wonder what karma you're paying for, get out of bed, get off the couch. Go for a walk, go sweat, go cook something, go meet someone new. Get yourself back in game.

I think I'm onto something here.

*Names have been changed.

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