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Saturday, April 10, 2010

insights: and the password is. . .

Working in a high-tech company we had to change our passwords often and then there was every other site in my life that had a password from Facebook to Twitter to personal banking. And to be safe I had different passwords for everything which is confusing but a good idea. I realized one day that my passwords were meaningless. Typically because I had to change passwords often for work I would choose something on my desk like Paperclip22 or Notebook5 which while easy to come up with with were boring.

Last week I decided that since most things online are password protected that I was going to choose something that inspired me every time I logged in.

Want a boost to your morning when you get to work? Try changing your password to something like hamptonbeach1989 or holdinghands2. What is a great memory for you? What do want to weigh? What do you want to do? Make it happen already in your mind and perhaps if you mind sees Annie125lbs! you'll think of that not as your goal weight but what your mind already holds to be true.

Sure, your dog or your child's names make for a precious password, but try something else that is a little safer and gives you a lift every time you key in iamhappy2010!

Happy meter 7!

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