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Monday, April 23, 2012

insights: here's your national take a chance day challenge

What if you got up the courage to ask your manager for more responsibilities and a promotion?

What if you told your parents you didn't want to get an MBA but you instead wanted to be a songwriter?

What if you took the plunge and cut your long hair into a beachy bob?

What if you did start that website that you have been thinking about for the past year?

What if you asked the guy you see every day in the cafeteria if he'd like to share a table?

What if?

See, here's the thing. In order for unimaginably extraordinary things to happen to you in life YOU have to make it happen. For example, when  MSN Live (the super celebrity chat event site) launched, no one said "Hey, Taylor, would you like to interview celebrities? Here is a list of entertainment contacts. Have fun! Call us from LA!"  Wouldn't that have been awesome? Didn't happen that way. Instead, my husband and I (who owned a company that was a vendor for Microsoft before we both worked full time for Microsoft) saw the potential for celebrity interaction when we managed the TV and Soaps Communities for the fledgling in 1997. We took the feedback from the two communities, drew up a business plan and presented it to our manager at the time, Stuart, who saw the potential, worked with us on the concept and with a strong team, helped create what would be the #1 celebrity chat event site online.

At the time, I remember thinking that it was a huge leap and what if Microsoft didn't like the idea? Would we look stupid? But we took a chance on something that was new but also it was something we believed in and we knew that if we didn't try, we would have regretted it. And that chance we took led us on the biggest adventure of our lives.

Those examples I wrote about up above? Those are all things that my friends have been thinking of doing but they're nervous to do them. What if they are turned down? What if they are humiliated? OK, in that moment, yeah, if you are shot down, it's a bump to your ego but what if? What if it turned out better than you even imagined?

What if your manager promoted you to a role you thrived in and you jumped out of bed every morning excited to go to work?

What if your parents encouraged you to follow your dream and one day Blake Shelton performed your song?

What if you took that beachy bob gave you the confidence to get fit and work out every day?

What if that website turned into a career you loved and you changed the world?

What if that guy you shared a table with one day introduces you to his cousin, the man you will eventually marry?

What if?

What if?

So, today, take a chance and if it backfires you can blame it on National Take a Chance Day. Oh, but what if you succeed?!

Good luck! It's kind of exciting isn't it?

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