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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the august happygirl giveaway

Oh, August. The sunshine, the family time, the late night talks outside by moonlight and fireflies, the way we try to treasure every last drop of lemonade summer. August.

I love August. I love the way the sun feels against my skin on a morning walk by the sea. There is something about the way candlelight  moves in a glassybaby on a hot evening too, almost languidly as if it was just too much trouble for the flame to dance in the heat. August means a canvas Lands' End bag instead of a purse, heavenly coconut, pretty ponytails, s'mores, family game nights with popcorn and a pretty aqua pedicure that chases the waves. It's the way orange blossom smells on your neck after a cool shower.

It's all in here, the August Happygirl Bag. These are some of our favorite things here in The Happygirl Studio and we want to share the sunshine with you.

The August Happygirl Bag includes:

-Lands' End canvas bag (purse size with handles and strap. Style/color combination no longer available.)
-Uncle Woody's Truffle Salt Popcorn from Seattle Popcorn
-Turquoise glassybaby
-Jo Malone Orange Blossom Body Cream (travel size)
-Essie Turquoise & Caicos nail polish
-Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea sachets
-Butter Baked Goods Toasted Coconut Marshmallows
-24 Elastic hair ties in Happygirl colors (aqua blues) Click here to see how I made them.

To enter, leave a comment here telling us what's been your happiest moment of the summer so far. The giveaway is open through August 31st, so after your dip in the pool and before you fall asleep to the sound of a fan, tell us your thoughts.

And happy August!

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