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Thursday, October 18, 2012

espresso + biscotti = it's almost like being in italy

Some of my favorite moments in Italy were the mornings when I would sit seaside at a cafe, sip espresso and enjoy a simple biscotti as I inhaled the heady scent of lemon trees and the Mediterranean Sea. On these grey, drizzly mornings here in Seattle I try and remember the sunshiny Italian moments. With a double shot of decaffeinated espresso courtesy of our Nespresso machine and the discovery of Nonni's Salted Caramel Biscotti, it's almost like being there.

This week as I was running out the door to Italian class I brought along the box of Nonni's to share with the class. It turns out when you nibble a biscotti during Italian lessons it makes learning Past Imperfect verbs a little more fun. The biscotti were a big hit with the class. There is something about a perfect combination of salt + chocolate + crunch that makes your taste buds just get all happy and for just 100 calories a serving, there was no guilt involved.

Definitely a happy food.

Want to learn how to order espresso and biscotti in Italian? I'll teach you how. Click below. Ciao!

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