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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: lessons from giuliana rancic, a shelter dog and loveland pass

this is payton, former death row dog

It's a funny thing this New Year's Eve. You look back and ponder what was, what you learned. Some years you look back and you think "What an amazing year this was. I wish I could do it over." Some years are so awful you think "What a terrible year this was. I wish I could do it over." The thing is though, when the year is over, it's over and whether it was wonderful or awful, really all you can do is appreciate what you learned and look towards the new year with hope, with joy that your life can be anything you want it to be.

Maybe this year someone new came into your life. Maybe you lost someone. If you did, I'm sorry for your loss. Life can be incredibly cruel. The great thing is that whatever terrible things may have happened in your life (and I've received emails from people who lost a child, survived an illness, lost a job, suffered through betrayal. . .) you are here reading this. You survived. Now, you survivor you, move forward into this new year with wild abandon and hope. Stop replaying the terrible/mean/sad things in your mind and believe that in this new year unimaginably good things will be yours. I wish for you extraordinary and wonderful surprises that will delight you all year long. May you bring light to other people so that on New Year's Eve 2013 you will look back on a year filled with joy.  All my love!

As I sit here at my desk think of the lessons I learned this year, here are a few that stand out for me. What lessons did you learn this year?

2012 Lessons

This year I learned. . .

. . . that rescuing a shelter dog is one of the happiest things in the world.

. . .how to survive a crisis with grace from survivor, wife, mother and optimist Giuliana Rancic.

. . .that no matter how far you are away from home, you will always carry your home in your heart. I will always be a Massachusetts girl. Always.

. . .how to eat healthy, like these onion rings that taste just as good as the real thing.

. . .that laughter is a great way to alleviate an awkward situation.

. . .that when I'm sad I just need to watch Anderson Cooper burst into a fit of giggles and I feel better. (Watch it here. The giggles start at the 1:47 mark.)
. . .what to say when you don't know what to say.

. . .that no matter how long you have been with your partner, surprises (happy ones!) should still be part of your life together.

. . .how to get a flag that was flown over the Capitol building.

. . .to face my fear of heights by driving the Loveland Pass alone. (It was awful but I did it!)

. . . that a flash mob and music can make even the toughest heart go soft and lovely.

. . .how to make my own hair ties that I've subsequently given to hundreds of people around the world. This little aqua elastic hair tie that I wear on my wrist reminds me to be happy.

. . .that I just have to listen to "Call me Maybe" and drive top down to improve my mood.

. . .that a man in a bowtie is about as sexy as it gets. Especially when it's my husband who smiles at me from across the table at a wedding.

. . .that all natural, pure protein bars that taste like an Almond Joy are a cinch to make.

. . .that a proper thank you note is always in good taste. (Thank you Rachel Roy and Toni Braxton)

. . .that you can heal when it's hard to imagine you will but you will.

Thank you for spending 2012 with me. I look forward to all the adventures we will share together in 2013!

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