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Monday, December 24, 2012

may all your days be bright!

This holiday season I am so thankful for the gift of family, for those moments spent simply sharing coffee together on a blissful morning in front of the tree. It's about the shorthand that comes along with people you've known your entire lives, people who love you even when you have crazy bedhead and a goofy demeanor first thing in the morning. (I'll forget that your favorite jammies have little cowboys lassoing on them if you forget that I dropped the entire pan of hot blueberry muffins on the floor.)

This is where I will be over the next few days, sipping coffee (and at times, tequila) with family. I've promised to stay offline and just absorb every bit of family time from little girl hugs to making pancakes together for Christmas Brunch. This week I am theirs. 

I hope that this Christmas you are surrounded with people and furry family members (of the four-legged kind) who you love and who love you. I wish for you all the happy in the world. 

See you soon!

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