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Friday, December 21, 2012

happy things you need to do this week

1. Watch this movie  ("Love Actually") with the best last scene ever. Actually just watch every Hugh Grant movie.

2. Be ahead of the curve. Play Cards Against Humanity (board game) before it becomes the best game of the year in 2013. Buy it at or download the game for free.

3. Instead of giving a gift to your significant other, call your local no-kill pet shelter to ask what they need. Visit a pet supply store and with your partner or kids, pick out food, collars, leashes and toys for some lucky cats and dogs.

4. Make this peppermint bark with your kids.

5. On Christmas morning, bake an extra batch of blueberry muffins and deliver them to your local fire station.

Whatever you do this week, may you be surrounded by people you love and who love you. Wishing you love, happiness and many moments of uncontrollable laughter this holiday season. 

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