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Friday, April 26, 2013

friday best: warby parker glasses

It happened. Recently I realized I was squinting when I was reading. In college I wore "attitude glasses" to look/feel smarter (I went through this phase + oversized boyfriend sweaters at the same time.) Now, however, I really needed reading glasses. After the optometrist appointment I started looking at glasses frames and discovered how expensive glasses can be. The frames I liked + the lenses were $285. I looked for options online and discovered Warby Parker, a unique company that offers cool glasses for a $95 price point. My goal was to find a pair of glasses that looked like something Grace Kelly would wear. I found exactly what I was looking for at Warby Parker.

Here's how it works. Visit their site at Choose five frames you like. Warby Parker will ship them to you. Try them on, see what you like and select the one that's right for you. The shipping is free and you get the chance to try them on at home. (Giving your friends and family the option of telling you look either geeky or cool.) Choose the one you like, send in your prescription and your new glasses will be shipped right to you for $95 (shipping is free). 

I ended up choosing the Huxley (above) frames as well as the Thatcher sunglasses which I were perfect for when I sat outside lazily doing a crossword puzzle when visiting my in-laws in Florida last month. 

I am in love with these glasses. Not only can I need read recipes properly but I feel kind of like Grace Kelly. Now the search is on for the perfect 'boyfriend' sweater.
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