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Sunday, April 28, 2013

monday morning video: falling in love with harvey & eddie

I have a girlfriend that I have literally known since the moment I was born. We were in the same hospital, same nursery, born just a couple hours apart. We went to grade school and high school together and I love Louise like a sister.

There's something about best friends that is just so comforting, to know that there is someone in this world who knows you better than anyone else possibly could. She's the one who has given you her Barbie when your brother tore the head off yours. She's held your hair back when those beers you had at Sigma Chi came back up and she loaned you her good luck suit for your first big interview after college. That's a best friend.

Get ready to fall in love with Harvey and Eddie, 80 year-old best friends. Then call your BFF. You're going to want to.

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