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Thursday, April 11, 2013

happy things: hickies {review}

I love Kickstarter. Watching videos of brilliant people passionately talk about their ideas or products always energizes me and helping creative people bring their product to market feels incredible. One of the products that L. and I were really excited about was HICKIES. Created by Brooklyn (by way of Argentina) couple Mariquel and Gaston, Hickies are ingenious elastic bands for your kicks that replace traditional laces. Both L. and I recently replaced the laces on a pair of sneakers to try them out. Would they wear as well as traditional laces?

After wearing them for the last two weeks both L and I love our HICKIES. We LOVE them. Why?

  • When you're working out and you hit your stride you don't have to stop when your laces come undone. 
  • It's easy to slip in and out of your kicks, yet the elastic bands are snug enough to keep your feet secure in your shoes. 
  • These will be GREAT for airports! No more stopping to lace your shoes after going through security. 
  • Dirty laces make your sneakers look grungy. By simply replacing your old laces with Hickies, your shoes look new and neat.
  • Yes, there was a little learning curve as I first installed the Hickies, but once I watched the video on how to use them, it took less than five minutes to replace the laces. 
  • The colors are phenomenal! Choose from basics like white and black or vibrant colors like green, orange or purple.
  • Bonus! I was playing around with them and I slipped some on my wrist. Jewelry!

HICKIES retail for $19.99 for one pack or $30 for two packs. Each pack (which arrives in a sleek case) comes with 14 elastics. (I chose not to add an elastic to the top rung in my kicks but you will have as many as you need if you choose to use all the lacing options.)

For more on HICKIES follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Here's the original Kickstarter video for HICKIES. 

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