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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

the most emotionally intense video. ever. {marina & ulay}

Sometimes our lives can seem so contrived, so planned down to the last detail. Life seems to be about meetings and texting and emailing. It's rare that you have the time or even think about looking into someone's eyes to see what's inside.

During her retrospective exhibit at MoMA is 2010, Serbian artist Marina Abramovic did just this as part of her 700+ hour performance. As she sat quietly at a table, one at at time, strangers had the opportunity to experience one minute of complete focus. The looked into each other's eyes, locking gazes. This was powerful in itself. Until Ulay showed up. In the 70's Marina and Ulay, a performance artist as well, shared an extraordinary working relationship and romance. They referred to themselves as a two-headed body. Marina and Ulay decided to marry by each starting to walk from one end of the Great Wall of China towards the middle and marrying. It took awhile to get permission from the Chinese government to do this and by the time they did, their romance had runs its course. So instead they decided to still walk towards each other, meet in the middle and hug for one last time.

Thirty years later, during "The Artist in Present" Ulay appeared, surprising her at the exhibit. This is just a short clip of this meeting but I highly recommend watching the entire MoMA retrospective "Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present" available on iTunes.

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