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Friday, April 5, 2013

the happier guide to life: tips #4 & 8, the toilet and the magazine

There are some things I come across and I think -- brilliant. I'm for anything that makes life happier, healthier or safer like these two tips.

Just how clean is your soap?

Always close the lid before you flush.

Recently I read an article that said every time you flush, you send millions of bacteria in the air, bacteria that can land on your soap,  toothbrush, makeup brushes, clean towels or even on you. If you have a fresh cut (from shaving your legs maybe?) the bacteria can cause a myriad of problems including a staphylococcus infection. The solution? You can easily prevent millions of microscopic germs from flying into the air simply by closing the lid before you flush.

There's also the aesthetic side to this. Once when we were viewing a house with our realtor, she shook her head when we passed one of the bathrooms. I asked her if she thought the house had a problem, specifically that bathroom and she said "No, but I don't understand why their realtor didn't shut all the toilet lids. No one wants to look at someone else's toilet bowl."

Now all the toilet lids in our home are neatly closed. I like to think that our toothbrushes are now safe from flying bacteria.

Watch this video featuring Mike Rowe if you really want to know more about your bathroom's airborne germs.

Stop tearing out pages in a magazine and snap a picture of an article with your phone.

I am an early morning riser even on weekends. Saturday mornings I head to our local family owned hardware store to get supplies for our weekend home projects. However, on Sunday mornings, before my husband L wakes up I curl up in front of the fire with the dog, a stack of magazines and a hot cup of coconut coffee. Within the hour the read magazines are on the floor along with a pile of pages I've ripped from the magazines featuring books I want to read, music I want to buy, recipes I want to try and products I want to research. I end up with a stack of pages that I just file away.

This past Sunday I had my phone next to me and I had a brainstorm. Instead of ripping out the pages, what if I just took a picture of the page or the item I wanted to save? That way when I am out and about I would have a picture of the brand of grass seed I wanted to pick up, or the ingredients would be right there in my phone for a recipe I wanted to try. Sure, I would still need to tear out pages for long recipes, but most of the time I could just snap a picture and I would be sure to have the reminder with me wherever I was. In fact, this week I ended up referring to these pictures four times in various stores.

Here's to a happier, healthier, safer life!

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