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Thursday, June 20, 2013

{design} happy things: paper lanterns

When I was in college, my roommate Bonnie and I shared a dorm room that looked like peach sorbet. We had matching fluffy, pale peach down comforters, peach/sepia toned art and we drank Bartles & Jaymes peach wine coolers. The only exception to all the peachness was a huge, round, delicate white paper lantern that hung from our ceiling. We felt very adult and a little Bohemian in what was otherwise a laced up tight Catholic college. 

I was reminded of this, this past weekend at my sister-in-law's in Rhode Island. On a perfect sunny June day we decorated for her Happy Summer party. This included hanging a dozen colorful paper lanterns from the trees. With my three nieces we pondered just the perfect limbs to tie the lanterns to. Along with a hand painted wooden sign directing people to the backyard games, the effect was simple and sweet as the lanterns moved with the breeze. 

Later that night as the sun set and the firepit was lit, the lanterns subtle movement in the trees just added a magical vibe to what was becoming a balmy unforgettable evening.

Available almost everywhere, including Oriental Trading Company, paper lanterns (both lit and not) provide a huge design impact for a small investment. (OTC has a set of a dozen for $15.)  

Here's to summer starting tomorrow and many happy days in the sun!
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