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Friday, June 21, 2013

the happygirl guide to national flip flop day

Today is the first official day of summer and the day that you can wear flip flops willy nilly. It seems in the summer no one will bat an eye if you wear these breezy shoes to to church, a wedding or even work (depending on where you work. When I worked at Microsoft, flip flops were worn all year-long.)

While not every flip flop design will work in every situation, here's a guide to what works and where.

for when you want to roll old school

Sometimes you just need to throw on a pair of flip flops to fetch an espresso or take the dog for a stroll. These Havianas are simple and comfortable. You can never go wrong owning a pair of these classics. ($26, Athleta)

for a busy Saturday of errands 
(the farmer's market & 
brunch with your sister)

With a platform footbed, these Fleur FitFlops will still feel comfortable later in the afternoon after you've walked around the city.  ($100, Zappos.)

for a beach wedding 
(bride or guest)

Beach weddings are of the loveliest things about the summer. However, it's always a question of what to wear for shoes. These Highlighters by TKEES are the perfect mix of dressy and simple for a nuptial event. ($49.95, Nordstrom)

for when you're feeling preppy

When I was 14 years-old my family went to Nantucket of the first time. It was on the wharf that I bought my first rope bracelet and from then on I was hooked to the preppy lifestyle. These Tuckerfish flip-flops by Sperry will make you want to wear a long sleeve pink oxford (cuffs rolled, of course) and pale green shorts. Bonus: they're adorable and comfortable. ($49.95, Nordstrom)

for the guys

These North Face Base Camp flip-flops have a secure footing (due to the rubber outsole) but also offer comfort from the eggcrate footbed. They're also stylish and can handle whatever outdoor activity you can throw at them. Bonus-- they dry quickly when wet. ($30, Zappos)

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