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Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th and sitting in the bathroom with the dog

This dog does NOT like fireworks.

One July 4th night my husband and I found ourselves sitting in the bathroom with the dog. The three of us were together on the floor with the door closed and the fan on as the dog was losing her mind over the fireworks. We lived in a neighborhood where you could sit in a lawn chair in the front of your house and watch mind-blowing fireworks displays put on by your neighbors. It was beautiful but loud.

This, unfortunately, scared the bejeus out of our dog and so on this hot night the three of us were huddled in the only room without a window, hoping that the fan would drown out the booms. We had all the windows in the house closed and the radio on hoping it would help her. It didn't work very well but I think having the two of us with her  in the bathroom brought her anxiety level down a little. However, each time we cracked open the door to see if the fireworks were over and she heard the high pitch whistle of the firework shooting into the sky, she would bolt out of the bathroom and run around the house like a Tasmanian devil with her tail on fire. It would take both of us to catch her and three of us would again collapse in a sweaty heap on the floor of the bathroom. 

This is how we celebrated Independence Day. The things you do for love.

In case you have a dog of your own who hates fireworks too, here's some handy advice from the folks over at PETA. 

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