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Friday, July 5, 2013

the magic watermelon pants experiment

I got this text message from my friend, Megs,  this week. It was so hilarious that I did an iced coffee spit take.

I asked her to send me a picture. She did.

I asked Megs why her pants were like magic and she said "All day these pants made me so happy. I loved wearing watermelon pants. I seriously love these pants. Why haven't I been wearing watermelon pants all along?"

the aqua running hoodie that makes me run faster and feel happier

I thought about what she said and I wondered if what we wear can influence our moods. I think it can. I have an aqua (of course) running hoodie and when I wear it I feel like I run faster and I am just in a better mood. The funny thing is too, when I wear aqua people tell me I look happy. So maybe there is something to the Magic Watermelon Pants Experiment. 

What do you wear that makes you happy?

Looking for watermelon pants of your own? Try these from J Crew.

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