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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

happy video: the baby seal moment

My friend, Sara Baker, is one the most brilliant people I know. She's smart, thoughtful and she can read people well. Today, she posted this video to my Facebook wall. I watched it and immediately felt joy, little bubbles of joy popping in my soul. It's a wonderful thing when a friend drops a happiness moment on you.

So, from Sara to me to you, enjoy this happy video of a reporter who unexpectedly finds himself cuddling with a couple of baby seals on a beach. I've been lucky enough to travel the world interviewing celebrities as a reporter for MSN but I would have given it all up to have one moment like this. To have the open kind of heart that attracts baby seals? Well that, that would be just about as good as it could get, I suppose.

Enjoy this wonderful bit of happy.

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