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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

happy video: figure skater jason brown in his happy zone

There is something about the Winter Olympics and especially the ice sports that makes people happy. When I was a little girl my mom would make hot chocolate and popcorn and we would curl up together to watch figure skating and hockey. Even now I'm giddy with excitement thinking about the upcoming Olympics in Sochi. Watching athletes do what they love, what they have trained their entire lives for is an incredible thing.

When I saw this video of Jason Brown in his Free Skate at the the 2014 US Figure Skating Championship, during the first three minutes I thought "He's a great skater, sure." Then at the three minute mark, as soon as the music changes and he begins his Riverdance routine, you can see the change in him, in the way he skates. The first three minutes were just a warm up. At 3:04 he is perfectly dead center in his zone. He has the rapt attention of the crowd but my guess is that isn't what matters to him. What matters is that he is doing what he loves. There is really nothing happier than someone following his dream and being in that perfect moment. Watch and get ready for Sochi!

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