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Sunday, January 12, 2014

what a girl wants: the look

I have a friend named Jack. He's single and just an all around nice guy. Our group of friends all adore him. He has a demanding job, travels often and just hasn't found the time to settle down. Recently he has made it his mission to find "The One." A few weeks ago he asked me "What does a girl want? What is it that you (womankind) are looking for? What makes a girl happy?"

I tried defining it. I said "Well, a girl wants someone who makes her feel like she is the center of the universe. She wants to be the one to make him laugh. She wants to be the first person he calls when he sees something funny. The One--for her-- will walk on the outside of sidewalk, protecting her. Chivalry goes a long way. Be kind to your mother and to animals.  Know how she takes her coffee and have a positive outlook on life. Smile from your heart."

He looked at me baffled.

Later that night, I started flipping through some of the movies on our DVR and I fast-forwarded to my favorite scenes. I realized every single one of my favorite scenes had something in common. It was the look. It's hard to put into words, so take a look at the images below. It is that moment when the boy looks at the girl he loves and in that millisecond his look conveys that there is no one else in this entire universe that matters except for her. He's lost in her. Sure these are actors but in real life you can't force this look. It comes from your soul and bubbles up, intoxicating you.  I remember the first time Larry looked at me this way. It was on campus on a cold December night and he so disarmed me with that look that said "I can't help how very much I love you at this moment" that I smiled and thought "This is the man I will marry."

This morning I texted Jack and I said "I have your answer. Read the blog tomorrow. What a girl wants? Well, all she wants is the look. And when she's the right one it will just happen. The end. Or perhaps, the beginning."

Do you remember the first time you saw this look from someone you love? 

My favorite "look" in any film 
Rob Lowe in "About Last Night"

"Dirty Dancing"

"Love Actually"

"The Bridges of Madison County"

"Say Anything"

"Sixteen Candles"

"The Breakfast Club"

"When Harry Met Sally"

"The Way We Were"

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