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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

inspiration #305: it's not over

When bad things happened, or things didn't go my way, I felt defeated. Especially when there were those periods that everything seemed to go to hell at once. When I look back at the things that went completely different than what I thought, I realize that it was exactly what was supposed to happen. Other than deaths of those that you loved and will always miss, you bounce back. You find another love, another job, you make a serious commitment to health after an illness and yes, even after losing someone, life goes forward and you find a new normal.

I thought of this this morning when I received an email asking me how to make it through when things looks bleak with no hope of getting better.  I thought back on how things have unfolded in my life. There were difficult periods where I felt like I was barely holding on but then I realized that the doors that closed at certain times in my life allowed fresh air in and a change that led me to who I am today. I believe in prayer. I believe in guardian angels and God. I believe that during my worst periods of grief that God was the one holding me together until I could see through the darkness.

Like I said to a new friend this morning, whatever you believe in, hold onto that and believe that good will come again. It may not be the good you were expecting but you will get happy again. The thing is, you have to embrace it and be open to the fact that life is different than you expected.

Pray, if you believe in prayer, meditate, walk, get that blood moving through your body. Be open to what will come. Believe that if you expect goodness, it will be there, just on the other side of that door.
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