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Thursday, October 6, 2016

the good in goodbye

This week I said goodbye to a situation that didn't serve me anymore. It's funny (not haha funny but more like, "Hunh, I'm finally aware that this situation is ridiculous" funny) but even though I knew it was a break I needed to make, it was still hard. Saying goodbye can feel like an impossible task, an irreversible, impossible feat.

I think sometimes we build things up in our heads and the anticipation of an event is often so different that what actually happens. What would happen when I made that break? I had finally had enough though and it wasn't a choice anymore. It didn't matter what the aftermath would be. It had to happen in order to move forward. So, I made up my mind, set a date and said a brief goodbye to what didn't work in my life.

As I sat there in the autumn sun, right after, I thought "Goodbye goodbye goodbye, good bye, good." Sometimes, we're not lucky enough to see the good in goodbye immediately, but saying those words over and over I realized that there is good in goodbye. If you don't see it right now, in the moment, hold onto the fact that you were strong enough to break away from a situation, a person, an addiction, a crutch, a job, a habit that kept you from being less than your ideal person. Soon, when you  are filled with relief that you are closer to the person you want to be you'll think "Good good good" and forget all about the "bye."
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