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Friday, March 3, 2017

celebrating national i want you to be happy day!

Today is National I Want You to be Happy Day. So, I guess this would make this practically a national holiday here in The Happygirl studio. One of the keys that I have discovered in becoming happy (and staying happy!) is that doing things that feel good can make you happy but the joy in making someone else happy far surpasses anything I can do to make myself happy.

I'm struggling with a headcold but later, after a cool shower and some much needed Emergen-C, I'm heading out to buy our dog her favorite dried salmon treats. They smell just awful but they make her giddy with joy. Then I'm gong to buy the person behind me at the coffee shop their coffee where I will write a few cards to people who I haven't seen in awhile but I still carry in my heart.

Today, I won't hold grudges or get angry at the person who cuts in a line of traffic. I'll wave them through, I'll let someone go ahead of me at the dry cleaner and I'll tell my husband just how much we appreciate him and how grateful we are to have him loves us as he does.

Like Audrey Hepburn said "Happy girls are the prettiest girls." I wish you a happy day and a happy weekend! (Spring is just 16 days away!)
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