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Monday, March 6, 2017

happy things: cara cara oranges

L and I agree on most things. We like the same music. (Hello, Bossa Nova) We love the same vacation spots. (Hey, Disney) We laugh at the same things. (Why is that aardvark in the video wearing a shirt?) One of the things we differ on is oranges. He is an orange juice buff while I slowly and carefully enjoy the whole orange experience from that first burst of orange zest when you peel it, to savoring one perfect section at a time.

It has been awhile, however, since I've eaten an orange because I've been burned too many times on oranges that are dry and tasteless with rubbery ends. At Trader Joe's last week, I decided to try a bag of Cara Cara oranges. With their bright pink flesh and super juicy, sweet yet tart tang, they have become my go-to orange for the past week. I am feasting on these like I do with Macoun apples (New England apples with a ridiculously short season) in the fall. These Cara Cara navel oranges are easy to peel, seedless and they make both great eating oranges and orange juice. (The juicer in the background is a vintage model from France I found on ebay.)

With the dreary, wet days of winter-almost-spring, starting each morning with a bright orange burst sets my day off with a big smile. (Plus, I feel like I am doing something good for my body which makes me want to follow my clean eating program!) The Cara Cara season is short so try them while they are still in stores!

The 3-pound bag at Trader Joe's is a steal at $2.99.
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