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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy Scents: Skin Trip

When I worked in L.A., I spent a lot of time outdoors. Because I would fly in every week from rainy Seattle, I took advantage of every sunny moment, often sitting by the hotel pool with my friends Andrea, a fellow reporter from Cleveland, Victoria from Dallas and Isabelle from Canada.  We'd talk about the films we saw, read our press notes and prepare for our television interviews with the actors, all while under the swaying palm trees on the fourth floor pool deck. 

While I used sunscreen, my skin was still somewhat tan and needed moisture. One afternoon I was at Whole Foods and discovered Skin Trip. I love everything coconut and I admit that I bought this on this feature alone. Later, that night after the screenings, I took a shower and smoothed on Skin Trip. It was light, lighter than I expected with a texture somewhat between traditional lotion and water. However, it sunk right into my skin leaving behind a soft feel and a light creamy-coconut scent.  I dislike anything that feels sticky or greasy on my skin and Skin Trip was neither. It was perfect. 

At about $11, Mountain Ocean Skin Trip remains one of my favorite beauty products and Mountain Ocean, based in Boulder, Colorado does not test their products on animals. This is important to me.  I'm wearing Skin Trip right now and if I close my eyes I remember the way the California sun reflected off the pool as we sat under the palm trees. Life felt simple and happy, as if it would always be that way.

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