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Thursday, September 27, 2018

happygirl essentials: lanolips

It happened right after I went slightly overboard with the limes. I had ordered ten pounds of limes, because well, I love limes so much. I didn't stop to think exactly how much fruit ten pounds of limes is. So, for awhile I put lime juice on everything. I drank straight lime juice with water. I put lime juice on salmon and vegetables. I ate those limes until I couldn't stand the thought of another lime.

It was right after that that my lips started to become chapped. My lips were chapped so badly that when I smiled, it hurt and sometimes they would crack so badly they would bleed. I thought that maybe I was dehydrated so I upped my intake of water. I went to the drugstore and I bought every remedy for severe dry lips. I went through tubes of Chapstick, Aquaphor,  lip scrubs and anything else that looked like it would solve my chapped lip problem. I bought products at Sephora and CVS. Nothing made a difference. Some would make my lips feel smooth for awhile but as soon as the balm wore off, my lips became as chapped as they were before. Many had menthol which burned my lips so badly I had to wipe it off immediately and it still continued to sting. I tried solutions I found online but they didn't work. Then I came across an article about Lanolips.

I bought several tubes (Lemonaid Lip Treatment $16 for very dry lips and Tinted Lip Balm in Rose $13.50 for dry lips) online at Nordstrom.  The moment they arrived, I tried the Lemonaid. It didn't burn. It felt soothing. The balm was thick and it stayed on my lips making them immediately smooth and lasted on my lips all afternoon. Even after it came off while brushing my teeth, my lips were still smooth. I applied more before bed and I woke up with the softest lips. The chapped, dry lips that I had for months were gone. This morning I tried the tinted balm and my lips are so soft and pillowy with the perfect hint of a pale non-shimmery pink. Even before I experienced the problem I had with chapped lips, I had never loved a lipstick, balm or gloss. I'd never found the one that I couldn't be without. This is the one. This is it.

I visited Lanolips website to find out why this product works so well and it's because it's made with lanolin which is similar to our skin's own lipids. I love that it is a cruelty-free product made from sheep's wool. There are no artificial fragrances, sulfates, petrolatum, parabens or mineral oil. It's available in a multitude of flavors including Coconutter which is my next purchase.

I love this product. My lips have never felt this soft and healthy. Yes, at $16, it isn't cheap but because it's so thick, you need just a dab and it stays put on your lips.  It's worth every penny to be be able to smile without hurting. It's a Happygirl essential.

* This is not a sponsored post. I just love the product

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